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IDS-2: Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition

The new IDS-2: Understand and assess the whole child.

Introducing IDS-2

The second edition of the highly successful German IDS (first published in 2009), the IDS-2 evaluates the ‘whole child’ by looking at Intelligence, Executive Functions, and General Development.

Appropriate for children and adolescents ages 5-20 years, the IDS-2 will be adapted and standardized in 12 languages with more than 20,000 children.


Typical uses of the IDS-2 include the identification and diagnosing of intellectual disabilities and learning disorders, as well as the evaluation of cognitive and motor skills.

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A global measure designed to identify children’s knowledge, strengths and areas for development, the IDS-2 offers the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available.

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Learn more about the administration, scoring, and use of the IDS-2.

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Experience IDS-2

Our team is eager to help professionals around the world understand the IDS-2 at international and national conferences and meetings. With a modular design and color-coded test materials, the IDS-2 makes it easy for the practitioner to personalize the testing session for each child.

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